Mental Affairs – Epilogue

by Steph on May 9, 2012

Mental Affairs Epilogue I plunged my hands into the tub, seeking out the reeds and bending them against my fingers to test how much water they had absorbed. Just enough. I glanced at the clock. They could soak further, but I only had an hour and I didn’t want April walking in on this project. […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 14

by Steph on May 2, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 14 I should have answered April’s questions, I thought, staring out the window of the airplane while the sun set over my shoulder. The clouds glowed orange below me. But the situation in Bucharest had become such a complicated balancing act, and I was visiting April to escape for a week. I […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 13

April 25, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 13 On the day April left, our faces were plastered over every tabloid in the city. And probably in the country, too, I thought, flipping through one of the rags. We appeared on a full ten pages in addition to the cover. I had to hand it to Sandu, he’d gotten some […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 12

April 18, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 12 We spent the next few days talking, relaxing, and gradually easing April out of the panic cycle that occurred when I picked up a knife. I was relieved to see progress, even if the multiple short sessions meant we had more chopped vegetables than three people could come close to eating. […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 11

April 11, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 11 I stared at the shadowed ceiling, trying to guess how much time had passed since Alexi’s breathing had evened out. He had taken forever to fall asleep. Had it been an hour? I found myself counting his breaths. Two, ten, thirty, one hundred. I would miss him. If things had been […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 10

April 4, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 10 I woke before Alexi the next morning and slipped out of the tent, walking down to the water’s edge. The early morning mist was burning off, and the point at which the fog and water became one slipped steadily backward. I needed to pick apart what had happened last night. I […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 9

March 28, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 9 My plan was not going well, I thought, sitting on a wall outside the monastery at Meteora and staring out over the iconic rock formations of the Pindos range. I had tried to seek out time with Alexi over the past few days, and he had been quiet and hesitant. He […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 8

March 21, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 8 Being on the road without the expectation of performing was wonderful. I got the sense we moved faster than April and Kaia might have liked, but compared to the tour our forward progress was leisurely. We stayed off the beaten path, and saw parts of Bulgaria that most travelers missed. When […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 7

March 14, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 7 We managed to leave the next morning without alerting anyone other than the hotel staff to our departure, and I breathed a sigh of relief once we had left Bucharest behind. Our drive south was uneventful. Kaia tried to read through Paul’s attempts at conversation, April spent her time looking out […]

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Mental Affairs – Chapter 6

March 12, 2012

Mental Affairs Chapter 6 “Where were you last night, Paul?” Kaia asked, her voice sugared. I fought the urge to roll my eyes as we walked through the hotel lobby and into the attached restaurant for breakfast. “I had some unexpected business to attend to,” Paul replied. “Nothing for you to worry about.” “Does this […]

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